0.6 kWh Bundle: Generator comes with 2 – 130 Watt Solar panels and cords

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0.6 kWh Generator with x2 – 130 Watt Solar Panels

Generator Details:

Humless 1500-Series Portable Generator with 0.64 kWh storage capacity.

Input:  120 V AC  and/or  250 Watt DC (Solar, Wind, etc.) using 3 Anderson connectors.

Output:  1500 Watt output with 640 Watt-hours storage.  Plugs for outgoing power include x 4 USB ports, x 2 120-Volt (Regular 3-prong plugs), x 2 Anderson connectors 12VDC, x 1 Cigarette lighter plug 12VDC.  Takes a peak of 9600 Watts to handle the start-up load of a full-sized fridge, etc.

Dimensions:  14″ W  x  10″ D x 12″ H       Weight:  37 lbs.

Please note:  This generator is safe to use indoors – no fumes, no fuel, no noise.  It should be stored and used indoors or in a way that it is protected from the elements such as rain, snow, or extreme heat or cold, because of the electronic components.  (Of course, the solar panels are meant to be outdoors.)

Solar Panel Details:   (This bundle comes with 2 Solar Panels)

Each panel is 130 Watts, Monocrystalline  (for total of 260 Watts).  Panels are foldable and come with a carrying case for easy portability.  Also included are x2 30 foot extensions cords with Anderson connectors on one end (to plug into the Humless generator) and MC4 connectors on the other end (to plug into the solar panels).


Shipping note:  The generator is shipped separately from the solar panels, so you can expect them to arrive at different times.  Orders within Utah can arrange to be picked-up or delivered.